Marketing strategies can never remain stagnant. That’s probably why you don’t see brochures or spokesmodels anymore. These strategies may have once ruled the marketing scene, but now are obsolete. As an inbound marketer, one needs to keep up with the fast pace of this dynamic sector to stay in the game.

It is important to stay updated of the latest inbound marketing trends and plan your strategies around it. With the last quarter of the year remaining, it is still not too late to update yourself with the key inbound marketing trends of 2018 and implement them for some great results.

These are the top 6 inbound marketing trends of 2018 to attract new customers:

Content that connects

Interactive content is touted to be the next big thing in content marketing. Add it to your blogging and long form content strategies to bring more customers through your door. Content that connects and interacts with your customers like polls, webinars, calculators and interactive infographics will get your blog the attention it deserves. Make it mobile-friendly and you will see the leads rolling in.

Know your customers

In this age customers are more informed than ever. But do organizations really know their customers? Organizations need to create an outline of their buyer’s personality, age, interests and spending habits. This will allow it to segment users and create content that directly connects with the particular segment of audience. Generic messages to the whole audience just don’t work anymore. Analyze your customer statistics and create buyer personas to develop content that reaches your customers better.

Go Mobile-friendly

Mobile commerce constitutes about 21% of total digital commerce and is expected to grow in the coming years. In 2017, people spend 59% of their time on mobile devices as opposed to the 41% on desktops. But spend only 15% of money in mobile shopping whereas 85% is spent on desktop shopping. This is mainly because most sites weren’t mobile friendly back then. These statistics have now pushed these organizations to go mobile friendly. Tap into the mobile market with mobile-friendly design for your video content, website or whatever.

Nurture your audience

Most people assume inbound marketing ends with getting the leads. Once you get the leads to your business you need to keep nurturing them until they are interested in your product/service and are ready to buy. You can do this with email, digital download offers, or even newsletters. Step up your strategies to keep your audience interested with some exclusively tailored content.

Going the social way

Social media is right now one of the hottest tools of marketing. Social media sites are an excellent platform to identify and connect with your audience. But that does not mean you have to splurge on all the sites, identify the platforms that convert the best and utilize them. Develop and distribute well-curated, engaging content, be it video or blog posts on your social media handles.

Mailbox magic

Even with all the new age social media marketing and interactive content dominating the inbound marketing scene, old-school email marketing hasn’t lost its charm. Open your inbox, and amid the boring clutter of work mail you may finding interesting content with attractive graphics and valuable information. Write mails to your subscribers that you would like to read. Prime up your call-to-action and strategies a bit, and you can still generate a good return on investment apart from brand awareness with this lucrative channel.

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