Many of you would have heard the buzz around inbound marketing by now, but have you taken some time to review it?  Inbound marketing is one of the most talked about strategies in digital marketing today, and for good reason – it works!

But why does inbound marketing work?  The answer lies deep inside the inner workings of the inbound methodology and the tools used for publishing and monitoring.

This week, we put together a 30-minute webinar on “why inbound marketing works.”  You can find a link at the bottom of this page.  Obviously, you would learn more from watching the full video, but we wanted to summarize a few important points here.

Why inbound marketing works

The inbound methodology is rooted in customer intelligence.

When we say customer intelligence, we mean customer intel.  Like CIA/FBI kind of intel.  That’s right, we use a wealth of data that we capture from your prospects to craft a marketing strategy that compels them to purchase your products.  Throughout this process, we create “buyer personas,” which are models of your ideal customers.  These buyer personas are used to test every part of the inbound plan.  Many organizations jump into creating a marketing plan without defining what an ideal buyer looks like.  Inbound always starts with building these personas.

Inbound moves customers along the buyer’s journey

Every customer goes through some process of learning and engagement with your brand before they make a purchase.  [Studies show that the average customer consumes 3-5 content items before engaging with sales.]

Inbound marketing uses content, tools, and distribution methods that pull your customers through the journey to buy your products and services.  It is a pull method for sure, and an effective one.  Think about your favorite brands today.  How much of their content have you consumed?  I would bet anything that you have spent plenty of time browsing through their content.  Our goal with inbound marketing is to turn your potential audience into buyers and promoters.

Inbound marketing has contextual content at its core

A well designed piece of content can completely change the world-view of your buyers.  That’s why content is at the center of the inbound methodology.  However, the wrong piece of content delivered to the wrong audience can be disasterous.  To make inbound most effective, we use tools that make it possible to deliver different messages to different audiences.  Advanced list segmentation.  Identity tokens.  IP monitoring.  We do whatever it takes to make each message most effective.

Continual improvement is essential in inbound marketing

Whether it is an email blast, hosted video, tweet, blog post, or anything else – we always go back and see how it can be made better.  Advanced web analytics help us monitor the way your audience interacts with everything you do to promote your brand.  We A/B test everything on the front end and review the results on the back end.  That means we can make weekly or monthly tweaks to every activity or content item for incrementally better results.

What results should I expect?

There are over 100 data points that we measure to show results.  Inbound marketing always delivers results in ROI, website traffic, leads generated, and sales conversion rates.  Watch the video to see what other results you can achieve!



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