Business related blogging is a big part of digital marketing these days.  So, a blogger must pay attention to ways in which a blog can be more search engine friendly. Here are six useful tips on how to optimize your blog.

1. Extensive Keyword Research

When you create content for your blog, do your keyword research thoroughly. Essential tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool can provide you with valuable information regarding keywords that are relevant to your blog topic. You can also spy on your competitors to find out their most effective keywords. Attract more traffic to your website by including important keywords in your content.

2. Fresh and relevant content

Surprisingly, blogs operated by more than 60% of businesses have not been updated in years. Make it a point to provide regular content through your blog posts so that readers keep coming back for more.

3. Keyword utilization in the right places

Keywords should be used all throughout your posts. Place them in the positions where search engine crawlers can index them fast, but in a way that is still natural for people to read. The best places to use keywords in a post are in the title, headings, subheadings, introductory sentence, last paragraph, anchor text, title tags and meta-descriptions. But be very careful not to stuff them too much as it irritates readers and you can also get negative marks from Google. Optimize images by including your target keyword in the file name and alternate text field descriptions.

4. Give references through links

Mention another blog or article within your blog post by including a link to relevant information. Good blogging etiquette includes such interlinking. You may receive a link back if you are lucky (or if you ask for it!). Quality links are precious for anyone who wants to reach the top spots in search engine results.

5. Offer Subscriptions

Place RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons in prominent places and offer subscriptions via email to your viewers. Your blog followers can receive instant notifications of your latest posts.

6. Use social media

Widen the reach of your blog posts through social media. Instant connections with present and targeted customers should be made via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Promote your blog content on social sites for a broader outreach. Use programs like Hootsuite to post links of your latest blog posts on all of your social media sites with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your posts in advance.

If you follow these simple SEO tips and you will aim for higher rankings in SERPS, accelerated web traffic, and improved customer conversion rates.

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