A buyer persona is an imaginary person you will write to while you create marketing content. It humanizes your customers. When you create content, write in order to relate to the buyer persona’s problems in such a way that it immediately impacts them and solves their problem. Write content easily and get better conversion rates by creating an effective buyer persona. Here’s how to start from scratch.

Gather information about customers

The most important task is to collect insightful data about your customers. Then create buyer personas from that data. Gather customer info for your buyer persona from these 5 places:

1. Customer Data

Collect real data from current customers through customer service and sales teams. Pull insights from audience reports through tools like Google Analytics. You can also conduct surveys through website pop-ups to know your target buyers better.

2. Competitor Data

Competitor customers can help you too. You can use tools like Followerwonk for Twitter to find out what your target customers are looking for.

3. Market Research

With a fixed budget, you can create insightful buyer personas through a professional market research firm that focuses on selected groups for questionnaires. Read deeply through the words written by target buyers in the surveys to personify them.

4. Social Media

Check your analytics using the tools on your primary social media platforms. Make use of tools like Followerwonk or Socialbakers which are worth it. Don’t just look at gender, age, and location data – look at their interests, what they are following, and online time too. Posts from your most active followers can give a sneak peek into their personal lives.

5. Favorite Hang Outs

Take a look at your customers’ most frequented online destinations like YouTube channels, forums and events. You can also ask them through surveys and emails which are valuable resources to discover what makes them tick.

Compile the Data

Take all of this insightful data you have compiled, and use it to determine how your potential buyers might respond to different types of marketing content. You will have a much better understanding of their professional and personal lives.

Use your Buyer Personas to Improve Your Content Conversion Rates

Jot down the compiled data in an organized manner to create your buyer persona. Now, use this personalized buyer persona to create better content that connects directly with your target audience. You can follow these golden rules:

1. Use Your Persona’s Language

Stick to the language your target audience has used. Since your persona is meant to relate to your target audience’s problems, likes, dislikes and solutions, using their language will immediately resonate with them. Conversational communications can be a goldmine here.

2. Categorize Usable Content By Persona

Scroll through all the marketing content you already have and filter out unwanted parts that won’t connect with your buyer persona. Now, align the most effective content according to the buyer’s journey to create awareness, interest, and compulsion to buy, post-purchase follow-up and customer loyalty.

3. Post New Content in Hangout Locations

Greet the audience through Facebook and Twitter conversations with focused content. They will immediately relate and convert.