Marketing means something different to everyone that hears the word, but all agree that it’s a big part of your brand.  With so many marketing activities integral to the success of your business, let’s explore why it might be more beneficial to outsource some of it rather than trying to keep it in house.



Your marketing talent is restricted to the education or experience of your current marketing staff.  Hiring an outside firm to augment your current efforts gives you access to a whole new perspective on today’s marketing actions.  Learn what you could be doing differently and get the help necessary to execute new ideas.




Perhaps you have a marketing person or department which is already maxed out on time and resources.  In this case, hiring an outside firm is a great way to knock out items on your marketing backlog.  You have the option to pick and choose what you need to get done.  Maybe it’s just a few flyers that you need designed.  Maybe you want to build a new website but you need the extra hand.  Maybe you just need someone to crush the data that you have from your current marketing efforts so that you can make better decisions on what to do next.




Marketing firms often have access to tools that can boost your lead generation or marketing intelligence, but you don’t want to have to purchase that technology on your own.  There are subscription-based analytics tools, email distribution tools, design tools such as the Adobe suite – all of which cost a pretty penny for licensing – but an outside firm can give you access to these resource.




The challenge of hiring a full time employee is that it’s a constant monthly cost to your business that you are required to pay even if work slows down.  Expert studies also show that most full time employees are only working 50% of the day.  Hiring an outside marketing firm can link your expenses to actual project work via project management and expense tracking.  That means you are only paying for the work that gets completed.




Just like a doctor is always keeping up to date with the latest medical developments, marketing firms are always watching marketing trends.  Do you think your current methods might becoming stale?  Do you wonder if the results of your efforts could be better?  Ask an outside marketing firm for help and tap into their insight about recent best practices.




Marketing activities give birth to tons of data.  Most companies just sit on this data and don’t know how (or don’t have time) to run the reports necessary to make critical decisions on next steps.  Marketing firms do this every day for their clients.




If your business isn’t doing any marketing at all then you are missing a big chunk of business.  Every company today that has sprung up and taken the market by storm had a strong marketing plan.  Every little bit counts.  If you want to jump start your growth, ask a marketing firm how it can be possible.




Has your company been stuck in a volatile revenue state where one month there is an excess of funds and the next month you are barely making payroll?  Then hiring an outside marketing firm can help you to keep your brand relevant while mitigating risky expenses.




Are you thinking about buying an email list and blasting the world about your new widget?  Bad idea.  The governing bodies on spam authority could blacklist your domain, or worse.  An experienced marketing firm can help you reach the same goal but by using better methods to help you avoid legal risk.  Perhaps you would like to get the word out about something, but you need to do it in a way that isn’t linked to your name because of legal reasons.  Marketing firms can help you achieve that in a sensitive way.  There are other examples that vary company by company.




Have you just combined forces with another brand?  Consolidating the voice of two companies can be tricky.  Also, your current marketing staff may be used to only promoting one particular brand image – and they may not have the time to handle the merging brands.  A marketing firm can make up for that vacancy, even give you some fresh ideas for how to splice the two together.




If you have only been making products for baby boomers for the past 20 years, but now you want to reach the millennial crowd, this is a great case for hiring an outside marketing firm to get you started.  Marketing companies are used to working with a variety of clients spanning many vertical markets and customer segments.  They can help you see what’s working for others so that you can take a slice of the pie.



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